Contact lenses vs Eyeglasses

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Contact Lenses vs Eyeglasses

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Both contact lenses and spectacles play a very important role in an individual’s lifestyle, vision, comfort, and utility. The selection between any one of these totally depends upon :

  • Wearing Time
  • Prescription power
  • Comfort zone
  • Profession
  • Cosmetic usage

Advantages of using Contact lenses

There are 150 million contact lens users worldwide. The numbers are increasing because of the following reasons:

  • The lenses offer a wide or you can say a full field of vision.
  • They give an expansion to your lifestyle choices.
  • These are also suitable for people who play sports and other outdoor leisure activities.
  • Vision with contact lenses can be better than the spectacles.
  • They are an alternative to refractive surgery.
  • Contact lenses can correct visions of all types and are suitable to people of all ages.
  • Adaptation to contact lenses is hassle-free.
  • The latest contact lens is comfortable offering long hours of continuous wearability.
  • Some vision disorders can only be corrected with contact lenses.


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Advantages of using Eyeglasses

I think wearing glasses is the easiest way out to correct your vision. Besides, it also has many benefits. Let’s check them out:

  • Eyeglasses are more economical than contact lens.
  • Glasses are easily available everywhere.
  • Eyeglasses are easy to maintain as compared to contacts.
  • For people suffering from astigmatism, Some vision corrections are only possible in eyeglasses.
  • You can wear eyeglasses in sunny, windy and rainy season.
  • Eyeglasses allow your eyes to breathe in oxygen which is required to keep them healthy.

Contact lenses vs Eyeglasses







Field of vision

Wide field of vision and less vision distortions

 Field of vision limited to the frame size

Sports & exercise


May obstruct the activity


Does not clash with what you are wearing

May clash with your look

Weather conditions

Are not affected by weather. Eg- does not fog in cold weather

Affected by weather. Usually fog up in winters.

Different eye color

Can experiment by using lenses of different colors.

Cannot experiment

Oxygen supply

Decreases the oxygen supply to our eyes

Does not affect the oxygen supply

Trouble in wearing

Mayor may not

No trouble


More maintenance is required

Less maintenance is required


May not be cost-effective in the long term

More cost-effective







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