Choose Your EyeFrame according to your Face Type

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Choose Your EyeFrame according to your Face Type

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Everyone has a different face type and suitability of an eyeglass depends upon the shape of our face. Moreover, the eyeglasses should be comfortable and at the same time look good on you. Different types of eyeglasses are available in the market right now. So, it becomes difficult to pick the right one for you. Whenever I am going out to buy a pair of eyeglasses for myself, I make sure that the pair is comfortable, secondly, it solves my purpose of purchasing a new pair (office wear, party wear, or just a stand-by glasses). Thirdly, it should be cost-effective and lastly, it should suit my face type. It should be noted that an eyeglass should fit you well and compliment your face shape. 

The face shapes can be classified as:

  • Oval Face Shape
  • Heart  Face Shape
  • Oblong Face Shape
  • Square Face Shape
  • Diamond Face Shape
  • Round Face Shape
  • Base Down Face Shape

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Oval face shape

Walnut shaped glasses which are not to narrow

Heart face shape

Frames with wide bottom/ rimless frames

Oblong face shape

frames that have more depth than width / decorative temples

Square face shape

Narrow frames

Diamond face shape

Rimless frames / cat-eye frames

Round face shape

Wide rectangular frames

Base down triangle

Cat eye frames

face shape of women, face type of women

Other factors for choosing eyeglasses

Besides the shape of your face, other factors are also to be kept in mind while choosing an eyewear for yourself. These include:

  • Your frame should sit well on your nose. Any type of discomfort on your nose will lead to rashes or marks. So make sure the eyewear fits well on the nose bridge.
  • Your eyewear should be of proper size in contrast to your face. The side arms should rest well on your ears. Any eyewear with tight-fitting will discourage you from wearing your eyeglasses for long hours.
  • Your eyeglasses should highlight your facial structure and look good on you.
  • The color of the eyeglass should be according to your persona.
Choose your face type

eyeglasses for different face types face shapes

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